Rates are set by me and are standard with The Editorial Freelancers Association‘s median rates as of May 2023. I reserve the right to change my rates at any time. I will never change my rates mid-project without the express written agreement of the client.

Copy Editing

Copy editing focuses on adhering to a consistent written style and ensuring clarity. I might suggest rewriting sentences or passages to make them clearer. Can include some fact checking (contact me to discuss).

Rates: $.021/word

Copy editing + proofreading: $.022/word


Proofreading is often the final step before publication. I will check for typos as well as overall page formatting and layout.

Rates: $.015/word

Developmental Edits

Developmental edits are suited for experienced authors who could use help strengthening elements of their book. I provide in-depth, comprehensive feedback with specific suggestions for how you can improve your book. We will meet virtually three times to discuss your progress.

Rates: $.031/word

Manuscript Critiques

Manuscript critiques are often best for beginner writers or those early in the drafting process who want to know what elements of craft they need to improve upon. I will identify any big-picture areas of your manuscript that could use improvement and will provide you a one-page summary of my recommendations.

Rates: $.02/word

Bespoke Editing

Want to combine several of these options? Contact me to discuss how we can create a custom editing package designed just for you!

Rates: starting at $.022/word

Worldbuilding-Only Session

Are you writing fantasy or science fiction where you’re creating a new or alternative world? Feeling overwhelmed with how to create something believable and interesting that isn’t just Tolkein 2.0? Help me put my political science degrees to actual use and book a worldbuilding session!

Rates: $.019/word

Help! I don’t know what type of editing I need!

That’s okay! Message me below with a brief description of your project and we can set up a free 30-minute consultation to discuss what option(s) might be the best for you.